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Better Engine Mileage

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What is a Carbon Clean?

Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning is a relatively new method of restoring your vehicles engine to its original self or a younger version of itself for improved performance.

DPF & Engine Flush vs Carbon Clean

DPF cleans & Engine Flush are other alternative and more established methods of removing carbon from your engine and giving it an overall clean, read here why our engine carbon cleaning equipment and method is the superior option.

5* reviewed service

We are Scotland’s best rated engine carbon clean service, see here our customer 5* customer reviews on Facebook and Google which are now in the hundreds.

If you drive a DIESEL vehicle and you are only doing short journeys & not a lot of motorway driving, your engine WILL be full of carbon and it WILL lead down to your DPF, once your DPF is blocked it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to get that cleaned or renewed, to PREVENT that happening… YOU MUST get your ENGINE carbon cleaned It is not a DPF clean we offer, we offer ENGINE CARBON CLEANING.
Also note, if you were to get your DPF cleaned WITHOUT getting your ENGINE CARBON CLEANED FIRST it will cause the same issue with your DPF gettiung BLOCKED again. this is why it’s important to get your ENGINE CARBON CLEANED at least ONCE A YEAR!

Lower Emissions, Improve Performance

Scotland’s Best Rated Carbon Clean

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About GR Network

 Glasgow REDox Network is an official supplier of REDox Network’s engine carbon cleaning services. We are based in Glasgow if you want to come to us. We also offer a mobile service in Central Scotland as well, so please make sure you call in advance to check availability.

We also offer a mobile hydrogen engine carbon cleaning service to your home or place of work throughout the Scottish Central Belt in areas such as Ayrshire, Dunbartonshire, Falkirk, Glasgow, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire, Stirling and parts of West Lothian.

All staff are fully insured, trained and professional technicians to ensure you get the best possible engine carbon clean service. We use the latest scientifically proven technology to remove carbon from your engine and our equipment is industry leading professionally developed hardware that produces optimum results. (up to 6 times better than cheap imitations)

Who Can Get a Carbon Clean?

Any vehicle with an engine, hydrogen engine carbon clean is suitable for all petrol, diesel or LPG engines across all makes and models.

We provide carbon cleans for tradesmen, taxi drivers, removal vans, breakdown recovery trucks and other customers who work in industries which have higher demands on their vehicles. Most of this work came from word of mouth recommendation in the Glasgow and Lanarkshire area which we believe is a testament to the amazing service we provide.

Why Choose GR Network?

Our innovative mobile service helps target the removal of harmful carbon build-up from the engine for the ultimate detox. The benefits are immediate, noticeable and long lasting. Our service offers you:

  • Industry leading, most efficient carbon cleaning machine available in the UK.
  • Our cleans produce at least 6 times more hydrogen than cheap imitations.
  • 5* rated local Glasgow based  fully mobile service across the central belt.

So far hundreds of vehicle owners in Glasgow & Central Scotland have rated us 5* on Facebook and Google. Contact Engine Carbon Clean Scotland to find out why we are the highest-rated carbon clean and removal service in Scotland.

Carbon Clean Reviews in Glasgow & Central Scotland

“Gary carbon cleaned my car yesterday in my way. I noticed a difference before I got the end of the street right away so much quieter and a lot smoother. Friendly, professional and convenient, can’t recommend enough”

Katie Forrest, Glasgow
5* Facebook Review

“Had Gary over today to carbon clean the engine on my Skoda Octavia. Very pleased and impressed with the results. The car now accelerates much better through all the gears and drives much more smoothly and quietly than before. It’s like driving a different car!! Will definitely be a repeat customer.”

Hugh Mulligan, Glasgow
5* Google Review

“Had the engine on my Jeep Grand Cherokee done by Gary a few weeks ago!!! He arrived on time and efficiently went about his business! It took about 30 minutes roughly and my Jeep was quieter, more efficient and generally better than it was!!! Do yourself and your motor a favour get Gary round and give your engine a treat!!! A great lad and a great service”

Alex Murray, Glasgow
5* Facebook Review

“Got my own work van cleaned today by Gary. Took it a drive afterwards and definitely noticed it wasnt as sluggish when pulling away from traffic lights. Great service and at a reasonably good price. Will definitely be recommending to family and friends its its well worth getting done.”

Ballantyne Joinery, Glasgow
5* Facebook Review

“Gad the van and car done today . Amazing the difference in both of them . very happy with the results”

Darren Jones, Glasgow
5* Facebook Review

“Great service fast response and friendly. really nice guy will be getting him out to get the car done”

Shane Jackson, Glasgow
5* Facebook Review